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POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE grants you access to an exceptional market. Active across all of Europe, our website is functional in 4 languages. We collect goods from our customers everywhere in Europe. We provide you with access to an industrial postal market (we only target issuers of bulk mail) representing more than 6.5 billion Euros and 16.76 billion mails sent in bulk (source: ARCEP).


Our terms of use:

In order to be eligible for being listed in the database of POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE, you must be a post office, an exchange office or a mass-mailing service provider approved by your national regulatory authority and/or a postal service provider affiliated to the UPU if there is no regulatory agency in your country.

Your tariffs and our database:

POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE is a living database!

You may review, at any time, your tariff schedules and/or your technical requirements by sending us an e-mail on These adjustments will take effect within 48 hours. Our current database constitutes 55 different rate bases and 2970 tariff rates. Our database only wishes to grow…

Statistical data:

POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE gathers and compiles statistics according to characteristics related to shipment (target destination, level of service, etc.), and can send you feedback regarding your tariffs. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your offer or review possible weak points.

Contact us:

Our mode of operation: Simple and efficient

Get in touch with us to discuss the extent and type of service(s) for which you wish that we collect your technical and tariff information. We shall confidentially handle your request and conclude a bilateral contract between you and Postal Stock Exchange SARL, specifying all the technical and financial aspects of our trade exchanges. Once a target destination or a mailshot has been retained by our calculation base and that the customer has validated his order through Postal Stock Exchange, you will automatically receive an early notification.


Postal Stock Exchange will deliver the mailshots to you according to your specified requirements (sorting, postage prepaid, packaging).
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Confidentiality :

Within the scope of contractual agreements, any information that you provide remains your property. Our calculator is secured by SSL 2048 Bits GeoTrust Inc