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Your expert in international postage optimisation

SWISSMAIL INTERNATIONAL and POSTAL OPERATORS NETWORK offers to optimise all of your postal shipping destined for export.

Having expertise in this area for more than 20 years, the company SWISSMAIL INTERNATIONAL and POSTAL OPERATORS NETWORK are major players in the use of European, American and Asian postal contracts.

1st Advantage

We ship your mailshots all over the world by SWISSMAIL INTERNATIONAL and POSTAL OPERATORS NETWORK

2nd Advantage

Save between 15 to 35 % on postage and shipping costs.

With the intent to suit your needs, we now optimise your postage costs
with more than 11 000 different tariff rates.


We are part of : a network which is a real network from POSTAL STOCK EXCHANGE;

All of the postal service providers who we work with in order to optimise your postage transactions are either approved by regulatory agencies such as ARCEP (France), Federal Network Agency (Germany), Competencia (Spain), OFCOM (UK) and even OPTA (Netherlands), or are national post offices such as La Poste (France) or Deutsche Post (Germany), etc.

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